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12.05.2019 - My big news is that both goals for 2019 are complete! I finished writing The Lost Temple of Psiere on the last day of NaNoWriMo. I am participating in Women and Words Hootenanny, but even if I weren't, enter every day. They are such a great crew over there and you totally need to check it out. The daily posts are hilarious.

  • Remember Me, Synthetica is complete! Tentatively scheduled for July 1, 2020, though that may shift around based on RCEs shedule.

  • The Lost Temple of Psiere is finished at last. I still need to do a read through for full edit but the story is done. Expect to see that one out through Regal Crest sometime in the last quarter of 2020.

  • Children of the Stars editing and typeset review is complete. The book has been sent off to the printer and I my last task will be the ebook review before it goes online for pre-orders. If you like action, superheroes, and romance, in a 348 page massive novel it will be right up your alley!


Children of the Stars will be published on February 1st, 2020 through Regal Crest Enterprises. Read HERE for the blurb.

Children of the Stars excerpt:

      On a whim, the teenager started up the steep trail that wound toward the top of the ravine. Loose gravel made the trek slow going but Amari knew it would be worth the view when she got to the top. She had her cell phone on her, not because she’d actually get reception, but because it had a really good camera. 
      Despite the strenuous climb, the teen wasn’t the least bit tired when she reached the apex of the trail. She stood on the edge of the path to take a few pictures of the scenic lake below. No matter how many times she hiked the area, the beauty never failed to amaze her. The eagle called out again and she spun around hoping to get a good picture from the higher elevation. Suddenly more loose gravel gave way beneath her boots, pitching her down the rocky slope. 

      NOW FREEZE THE scene and what would you see? A phone hanging in midair, destined to become an unidentifiable explosion of plastic, metal, and circuitry against the rocks far below. A girl tipped back over a ledge with one foot up and one foot sliding down a cliff, panic on her face and arms fixed in a desperate windmill motion. An eagle stopped in the sky above, as if it paused to rest in its ever-circling observation of the world below. For anyone but Amari Del Rey, the situation would surely be dire. However, you already know if that were the case this tale would end here. But look, in this instance you are more informed than the young woman who is about to tumble down a ravine. In this very moment, which of you is more powerful?

      THE PHONE FLEW from her hand as if in slow motion and was quickly forgotten as panic fully set in. The girl threw her hands up to ward off the impact of the ground she rapidly approached. “No!” Her voice echoed around the canyon as fear of death kicked in. But something strange happened. The impact did not snap her neck or wrists. It didn’t bounce her down the cliff like a limp ragdoll. When she hit the side of the cliff, it was as if all forward momentum simply died. She collapsed to the rocks painlessly and began to slide. Then before she could get purchase with her scrabbling hands, she slid over another ledge. That time she didn’t land. With eyes screwed shut tight, she stopped. The wind whistled through the trees but the sound was overshadowed by the pounding of her heart.

      Seconds ticked by and Amari didn’t sense any more movement so she slowly opened her eyes. The world held a strange glow. She wasn’t safe on the ground, with only a few scratches to show for her mishap. She wasn’t stranded on a ledge, waiting for the slightest movement to send her to her death. Amari floated in mid-air, hunched over as if she were predicting another strange non-impact fall.

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Event: Brighton Write Club

Location: Brighton Coffeehouse and Theater
306 West Main Street, Brighton, Michigan 48116

Date & Time: [Resumes in August] Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM (No meetings in July)

Activity: Come down and work on your WIP

Event: Howell Area Writers' Circle

Location: Howell Carnegie Library
314 W Grand River Ave, Howell, Michigan 48843

Date & Time: [Resumes in August] @ 10:30 AM

Activity: Discuss various writing topics with writers in all stages of the publishing process

Children of the Stars


The world was forever changed when a government genetic experiment created the Chromodecs from a dead alien in 1952. Decades later, when it became apparent that society needed a way to deal with a hybrid humans with unheard of powers, the CORP was created. The Chromodec Office of Restraint and Protection was a special government police agency formed to keep track of the Chromodecs.

This particular tale involves two refugees, young babies who were sent down to Earth to escape being used as pawns in an interplanetary war, despite the fact that Earth itself wasn't so safe. Destined to be Q’sirrahna, or soul mates as the humans called it, Amari Losira del Rey and Zendara Inyri Baen-Tor would grow to be more powerful than any other beings on the planet, if they could find each other first. 

After being forced to hide from the CORP when it's realized their powers could level entire cities, Amari and Zen will have to answer one question. Who will save the world when it all falls apart?

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