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11.14.2019 - Things are rolling right along now, aren't they? I've been super busy trying to hit my goal of two novels written in 2019 and I'm on track to make it. As you may know I've been using the NaNoWriMo platform to finish The Lost Temple of Psiere, which is book 2 in the Mystery of the Makers series. I'm currently finishing up chapter 17 and sitting on 87,000 words. I anticipate somewhere between 20 and 22 chapters in total.

  • Remember Me, Synthetica is complete! My beta reader got chills when reading epilogue. This one is twisty, folks. I can't wait to see what everyone says. I still have to do edit passes with my beta readers but I'll be signing the contract on it in a few days. Tentatively scheduled for July 1, 2020, though that may shift around based on RCEs shedule.

  • Children of the Stars is through editing and I'm awaiting the typeset copy for review. This is a MASSIVE sci-fi superhero story that has aliens, people of power, soul mates, and plenty of action!


Embracing Forever  was published on November 1st through Regal Crest Enterprises. Read HERE for the blurb.

Embracing Forever excerpt:

      They paused just inside the locker room when they heard someone yell.
    “Stop! Get your hands off me!”
      Sarah looked at Keller in panic. “That’s Annie!” Faster than a blur, the women ran toward the younger woman’s angry voice. When they rounded the corner into the shower area, they saw Annie pinned against the wall near the showers by the large and menacing figure of Marcel. Sarah yelled at him. “Let her go!”
      Surprised by the interruption, he let go of Annie’s wrists just in time to be grabbed and slammed into the concrete floor by a very pissed off Keller. Anger seemed to boil out of the man so Keller slammed his head into the ground twice more to knock him out. They certainly didn’t want a werewolf with a temper and known self-control issues to turn furry with Annie in the room. She looked at Annie, who was busy rubbing her wrists. “Are you okay, A?”
      The younger woman grimaced. “Yeah, just a little bruised. Thanks, Keller.” She glanced at her sister, who was strangely quiet. Sarah was staring at Marcel wearing a look of rage. Her fists were clenched and breathing was ragged. Concerned, Annie went to her. “Sarah?” She could feel her sister’s arm trembling beneath her hand.
      Keller’s head jerked up at the strange note to Annie’s voice, and she noticed the interaction as well as the state of her lover. “Shit!” She immediately understood the problem. Sarah was caught in an emotional loop that was linked to Marcel. She immediately pulled the taller woman away from the unconscious Marcel and sent wave after wave of positive emotion through their bond. Between that and the feel of Keller’s arms around her, Sarah slowly snapped out of her rigid anger. Keller looked at Annie. “Go find Louve, please. Something needs to be done about him. We will keep an eye on Marcel until she gets here.” Once Annie was gone, Keller turned Sarah’s face away from the prone man so she could look in her eyes. Being very reflective of her moods, Sarah’s green eyes were dull and stormy with anger. Keller tried to soothe her with voice and gentle touches. “Hey, it’s okay. He’s not going to hurt anyone, it’s okay.”
      When their eyes met, Sarah took a shuddering breath and a look of dismay came over her face. “Oh my God, I wanted to kill him!” She started to tremble again for a completely different reason. “I could have killed him, couldn’t I? What’s wrong with me? I’ve never felt like that before!” Her sudden lack of emotional control terrified her. She’d never been so completely taken over by anything. That, coupled with the fear for her sister, had her nerves jangling.
      Keller led them both over to a nearby bench where they could still keep an eye on the man who had caused them so many problems over the past few months. “Sarah, listen to me. In much the same way your change has increased your physical and mental strength, it has also made you a lot more receptive to the strong emotions of others. Because werewolves emote so much more than humans, you were caught in an emotional loop with Marcel. It was your anger that made the connection, but it was his rage that continued to fuel yours. I really didn’t think we would encounter something like this or I would have warned you. I’m so sorry.”

Appearance Schedule:


Event: Brighton Write Club

Location: Brighton Coffeehouse and Theater
306 West Main Street, Brighton, Michigan 48116

Date & Time: [Resumes in August] Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM (No meetings in July)

Activity: Come down and work on your WIP

Event: Howell Area Writers' Circle

Location: Howell Carnegie Library
314 W Grand River Ave, Howell, Michigan 48843

Date & Time: [Resumes in August] @ 10:30 AM

Activity: Discuss various writing topics with writers in all stages of the publishing process

Children of the Stars


The world was forever changed when a government genetic experiment created the Chromodecs from a dead alien in 1952. Decades later, when it became apparent that society needed a way to deal with a hybrid humans with unheard of powers, the CORP was created. The Chromodec Office of Restraint and Protection was a special government police agency formed to keep track of the Chromodecs.

This particular tale involves two refugees, young babies who were sent down to Earth to escape being used as pawns in an interplanetary war, despite the fact that Earth itself wasn't so safe. Destined to be Q’sirrahna, or soul mates as the humans called it, Amari Losira del Rey and Zendara Inyri Baen-Tor would grow to be more powerful than any other beings on the planet, if they could find each other first. 

After being forced to hide from the CORP when it's realized their powers could level entire cities, Amari and Zen will have to answer one question. Who will save the world when it all falls apart?

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