Name: KD Williamson
Publisher: Dirt Road Books
Reason you started writing: Too many voices in my head. Had to get them out. I discovered writing in high school
Next book to release & when: Just released one in December, Big Girl Pill
Why we should read it: It's full of heart, laughter with a little bit of heat thrown in.
Genres that you've written: Contemporary Romance and Drama
List of published books: Cops and Docs Series, Pink and my new one Big Girl Pill
Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I'm very big on creating characters that read like real people.
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Cats or Dogs: Both! I have three pugs and two cats.
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Machete and wits
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I used to. Was very into Rizzzles, Swanqueen and SuperCat
[What is fan fiction]

Website: www.kdwilliamson.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KDWauthor
Twitter: @rizzleslovr72
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