Historical Fiction

(FYI: Some have called these fantasy but there is no magic, just Amazons)

The world of Forest and Fletch

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The Arrow of Artemis Series

The Fletcher (The Arrow of Artemis series book 1)

Pages: 200

Words: 89,818

Finalist for the 2019 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in the debut category

Kyri is a fletcher, following in the footsteps of her father, and his father before him. However, fate is a fickle mistress, and six years after the death of her mother, she’s faced with the fact that her father is dying as well. Forced to leave her sheltered little homestead in the woods, Kyri discovers that there is more to life than just hunting and making master quality arrows. During her journey to find a new home and happiness, she struggles with the path that seems to take her away from the quiet life of a fletcher. She learns that sometimes the hardest part of growing up is reconciling who we were, with who we will become.

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The Archer (The Arrow of Artemis series book 2)           

Pages: 196

Words: 84,081

Kyri was raised a fletcher but after finding a new home and family with the Telequire Amazons, she discovers a desire to take on more responsibility within the tribe. She has skills they desperately need and she is called to action to protect those around her. But Kyri's path is ever-changing even as she finds herself altered by love, loyalty, and grief. Far away from home, the new Amazon is forced to decide what to sacrifice and who to become in order to get back to all that she has left behind. And she wonders what is worse, losing everyone she’s ever loved or having those people lose her?

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The Sagittarius.png

The Sagittarius (The Arrow of Artemis series book 3)

Pages: 257

Words: 115,383

Kyri has known her share of loss in the two decades that she has been alive. She never expected to find herself a slave in roman lands, nor did she think she had the heart to become a gladiatrix. But with her soul shattered she must fight to see her way back home again. Will she win her freedom and return to all that she has known, or will she become another kind of slave to the killer that has taken over her mind? The only thing that is certain through it all is her love and devotion to Queen Orianna. 

3D Romantic Returns.png

Romantic Returns (Arrow of Artemis book 3.5)           

Words: 4,003

[Romantic Erotica] You've been warned! LOL

This is a short story that takes place after The Sagittarius.

Promises kept earn the sweetest rewards.

Chosen of Artemis   

~TBD ~ 

Words: 4,700  ~WORK IN PROGRESS~

Queen Orianna of the Telequire Amazons wasn’t always a Queen. Her journey to the Monarch’s mask was one of hardship, pain, and sacrifice. Ori's path began as a little girl when she had just two priorities, her goddess and her sister. She made a pledge to one to always protect the other. Love never figured into the plan, never fit into her life. Until suddenly one day it did.




Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Running From Forever (Blood Resonance: book 1)

Words: 73,853

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. But after more than a year on the road following her musical dreams, even she yearns for a little stability. Her sister Annie is only too happy to welcome her back home. When she meets Annie’s boss, Nobel Keller, she’s immediately drawn to the woman’s youthful good looks and dangerous charisma. The first night together leaves Sarah aching for more, but the second shows her the true price of passion. 

Warning: Graphic Sexual Content

Embracing Forever.png

Embracing Forever (Blood Resonance: book 2) 

Words: 98,172

Sarah Colby is a musician, teacher, lover, sister, and so much more. In the past year, she learned that sometimes life takes you places you never even knew existed. For Sarah and her sister Annie, they found out that not only were the monsters real but sometimes you loved them. Now the Colby sisters and their friends are being targeted by someone with a grudge. They must discover who is attacking the people of Columbus or risk losing all that they hold dear. Nobel Keller is with them every step of the way but will she bring salvation or merely the end of their lives in Columbus?

Warning: Graphic Sexual Content

Embracing Forever.png

Whispers in the Dark  

~TBD ~ 

Words: 3,055  ~WORK IN PROGRESS~

"Ghosts are real. Fear is real. But definitive proof is absent because reality is a construct of the human mind."


Contemporary Fiction



Romantic Comedy

Rules of the Road.png

Rules of the Road 

Pages: 243

Words: 105,028

Jamie is an engineer who keeps humor close to her heart and people at arm's length. Kelsey is a dental assistant who deals with everything from the hilarious to the disgusting on a daily basis. What happens when a driving app brings them together as friends? The nerd car and the rainbow car both know a thing or two about hazard avoidance. When a flat tire brings them together in person, Jamie immediately realizes that Kelsey isn't just another woman on her radar. Both of them have struggled to break free from stereotypes while they navigate the road of life. As their friendship deepens they realize that sometimes you have to break the rules to get where you need to go. 


Burn It Down.png

Burn it Down 

Words: 73,000

Winner of the 2019 Lesfic Bard Award for best Drama

Finalist for the 2020 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in the Romantic Blend category

Ash Hayes was failed by the system at the tender age of sixteen and suffered an addiction. As a result she lives her life weighed down by the guilt of her past. To atone for childhood misdeeds, Ash trained as a paramedic after high school and eventually became a firefighter with the Detroit fire department, along with her childhood best friend Derek. Friend, confidant, brother, he has been her light in an otherwise dark life. When tragedy strikes on the job, injury and forced leave from the department are the least of her concerns. Suffering from even more guilt and depression after the loss of her two closest friends Ash is set adrift in a sea of pain.

When Mia Thomas buys the house next door, Ash finds friendship in the most unlikely of places. It's Mia's nature to help and to heal. Many would say she has a knack for finding the broken ones and leading them into the light. But Ash's secret still lives deep inside her. Before the firefighter can even think of a future, she has to amend her past. Like the phoenix of legend, Ash has to burn her fears to the ground before she can be reborn.

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Sci-fi and Fantasy

Dystopian Science Fiction

Waking the Dreamer 

Pages: 200

Words: 83,259

Winner of the 2019 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Winner of the 2018-2019 Rainbow Award in Lesbian - Alternative Universe/Reality & Sci-Fi / Futuristic

By the end of the 21st century, the world had become a harsh place. After decades of natural and man-made catastrophes, nations fell, populations shifted, and seventy percent of the continents became uninhabitable without protective suits. Technological advancement strode forward faster than ever and it was the only thing that kept human society steady through it all. No one could have predicted the discovery of the Dream Walkers. They were people born with the ability to leave their bodies at will, unseen by the waking world. Having the potential to become ultimate spies meant the remaining government regimes wanted to study and control them. The North American government, under the leadership of General Rennet, demanded that all Dream Walkers join the military program. For any that refused to comply, they were hunted down and either brainwashed or killed.

The very first Dream Walker discovered was a five year old girl named Julia. And when the soldiers came for her at the age of twenty, she was already hidden away. A decade later found Julia living a new life under the government’s radar. As a secure tech courier in the capital city of Chicago, she does her job and the rest of her time avoids other people as much as she is able. The moment she agrees to help another fugitive Walker is when everything changes.  Now the government wants them both and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

Waking the Dreamer.png
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Sci-Fi / Mixed Genre

The Sovereign of Psiere (Mystery of the Makers: book 1) 

Words: 122,000

Psiere is a world of intrigue where old ideology meets new. The Makers built massive pyramids on each continent and filled them with encrypted texts and advanced technology. The two suns, Archeos and Illeos shine down on a mostly undiscovered planet with a psionic race of people living on land, and violent sea people below the water. The Queen seeks to make the world a better place for all Psierians but her daughter, Royal Sovereign Connate Olivienne Dracore, seeks only to solve the Divine Mystery. 

The Connate makes her living as a historical adventurist and wants the answer to two important questions. Who were the Makers and where did they go? Because she is the heir, Olivienne travels with a security force and resents it every moment. Each one of her captains has either quit or been injured trying to keep up with the risk-taking woman. That’s where Commander Castellan Tosh comes in. Capable, confident, and oh-so-dashing, she is forced to switch career corps to take charge of Olivienne’s team. Sparks fly from the moment they meet and things only get hotter as they chase down the clues to the greatest mystery of all time.

Psiere Map Square.png

Map of Psiere

Click map for larger image

The Lost Temple of Psiere (Mystery of the Makers: book 2)

Words: 121,000

Finalist for the 2021 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in the science fiction/fantasy category

As the heir to the throne, Royal Connate Olivienne Dracore cannot escape having a Shield team protecting her wherever she goes. But with the addition of Shield Commander Castellan Tosh, she has a team that doesn't just guard her person but also aids in her job as a Historical Adventurist. She knows without a doubt that together they can unravel the Divine Mystery of who the Makers were and why they created the great temples.

With the conclusion of their last mission, Olivienne acquired the map needed to find the mysterious third great temple of Psiere. And there is no one better to accompany than her beloved Cmdr. Tosh. But before they can leave to brave the dangers of the unknown, first they must brave their own Oathing Ceremony. They will need each other for the coming mission because as with all things related to the Makers, mystery often begets mystery and danger is always just a wrong step away. Especially when the prize is something that could change Psiere forever.

Goldie-Sticker_FIinalist 2021.jpg

The Rebels of Psiere (Mystery of the Makers: book 3)

~TBD ~ 

Words: 20,000



Sci-Fi / Superhero


Children of the Stars 

Words: 130,500

The world was forever changed when a government genetic experiment created the Chromodecs from a dead alien in 1952. Decades later, when it became apparent that society needed a way to deal with hybrid humans capable of dangerous kinetic powers, the CORP was created. The Chromodec Office of Restraint and Protection was a special government police agency formed to keep track of the Chromodecs.

This particular tale involves two refugees, young babies who were sent down to Earth to escape being used as pawns in an interplanetary war despite the fact that Earth itself wasn’t so safe. Destined to be Q’sirrahna, or soul mates as the humans called it, Amari Losira del Rey and Zendara Inyri Baen-Tor would grow to be more powerful than any other beings on the planet, if they could find each other first. 

After being forced to hide from the CORP when it’s realized their powers could level entire cities, Amari and Zen will have to answer one question. Who will save the world when it all falls apart?

Classic Science Fiction

Remember Me, Synthetica

Words: 99,000

Winner of the 2020 Lesfic Bard Award for best Science Fiction.

What happens when a woman loses her memory but gains a conscience?


Dr. Alexandra Turing is a roboticist whose intellect is unrivaled in the field of artificial intelligence. While science has always come easy, Alexandra struggles to understand emotional cues and responses. Driven by the legacy of her late great-uncle , she dedicates her life to the Synthetica project at her father’s company, Organic Advancement Solutions (OAS).

Her life is rebooted when she wakes from a coma, six months after being struck by a car. Traumatic brain injury altered Alex’s senses, her memory, and her personality. Despite the changes, she feels reborn as she navigates her way back into her old life. Part of her new journey includes dating the alluring Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Emily St. John.


Emily is enamored with the hyper-intelligent scientist, but there are things about Alex and OAS that don’t add up. With Emily’s prompting, Alex undergoes testing that leaves her with more questions than answers. What she discovers changes more than her life, it will change the world around her.

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Elemental Attraction

(A Myth World Novel)


Words: 124,000  ~COMPLETE~

Two people find themselves in a quandary. Aderri—a powerful dragon shifter with some light defensive magic and Ellys—a half-elven swordswoman for hire, one of the best across the six nations.

When Aderri gets news that she must come home for the naming ceremony of a new hatchling, she's forced to hire Ellys and her telepathic steed, Roccotári, to see her safely there. Of course, things are never simple as they seem. Not only do they have to traverse the land between two kingdoms on the brink of war, but Aderri's Clan expects her to return with a romantic interest. So, for the added promise of triple Ellys' normal fee, the half-elf agrees to pretend to be Aderri's suitor.

Ellys and Aderri have to convince a Clan full of magical mixed-shifters for a week that creatures of differing elements can burn with the flames of love, without actually lying. A situation made even more difficult by a matchmaking mare, steamy baths, and an innkeeper with mischief on the mind.

Caught between the weight of the past and expectations of the future, they must find their true destiny within the heat of fire.


Sci-Fi Erotica

The Scientere and the Captain's Case (Adventures of an Awkward Scientere: book1)

Words: 11,257

Sci-Fi Erotica

My challenge: "Write about something funny that happened to a humorous inventor who collects space trash."


What happens when a crazy inventor discovers a shiny metal case floating outside her space station? The Scientere Exremus is always looking for inspiration for her inventions so she hauls the item in. And it stands to reason that such a curious bit of space trash would have a homing beacon. The case itself is actually very valuable to Cpt. Dasho of The Galleum. That lost item will bring essential relief to the ship captain's pressing problem and she desperately wants it back. Their meeting poses an interesting question that only rigorous science can answer.

The Scientere and the Denobian Device (Adventures of an Awkward Scientere: book2)

Words: 12,068

Sci-Fi Erotica

Scientere Extremus Amedrelda Thotzmith has been traveling on The Galleum for three months, and the science has been excellent the entire time. Cpt. Jinda Dasho makes sure her Chief Science Officer is always well attended. After all, scientific conclusions were an important part of daily life aboard the star-drive ship. Their routine is shaken when the Galleum takes on its first titillarian passenger. Titillarians and scienteres were as different as night and day, and until one highly unusual trip on the Galleum no one ever would have guessed there could be an intersection of the two professions.

Fan Fiction



Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Series Word Count: 43,773

This is a collection of short one-shot fiction pieces about the first kiss between Kara Danvers/Supergirl and Lena Luthor. No story in the series is related to another, they are all one-shots.


Part 1 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 2,420

      Someone is thirsty, but who is it?


Part 2 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 5,136

      Kara is always sorry, always saying the words. But Lena doesn't put the clues together until she hears those same words come from Supergirl's lips.


Part 3 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 6,593

      How does a poor reporter manage to keep herself fed with the necessary amount of calories needed to save National City over and over? Lena Luthor makes it her mission to assuage that hunger.


Part 4 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 6,446

      Saving the word is hard, exhaustion is sometimes a certainty. And it's nice to have a someone safe when you fall asleep.


Part 5 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 7,090

      Lena's heart breaks when she realizes that that there is something going on between Kara Danvers and Supergirl. Because the truth is, she has fallen completely in love with her best friend.


Part 6 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 7,881

      When Supergirl is blinded saving Lena Luthor from a terrorist attack, they must trust and rely on each other to be safe again. But as they grow closer in the aftermath of the hero's injury, secrets are unveiled.


Part 7 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 8,207

      The President and Colonel Hayley are on a witch hunt for Supergirl's secret identity and in a last ditch effort to protect her sister, Alex makes yet another sacrifice. Supergirl shatters with lost hope and turns to Lena Luthor fix the broken pieces.


Part 8 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 2,146

      In a slightly different world, with a different first meeting, Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers learn that infatuation can strike at any time. And the spark of infatuation is all you need to realize the promise of more.


Part 9 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 5,581

      Alex gives newly-out pan Kara bad dating advice when it comes to a mysterious woman at the bar. Kara’s terrible pickup lines give her away when she meets the same woman later in the evening as Supergirl.

My Love Tastes Like Chicken Soup

Word Count: 1,360

Kara Danvers is a powerful witch on a short leash. The one person she wants, Lena Luthor, is untouchable, literally. Can Kara's love language of food erase the boundary between them? This is obviously an alternate universe fic.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Return of the Queen

Words: 66,708

There is a strength that lies in loss, and loss comes to all with enough time. Gabrielle struggles with Xena's death in the years following the events in Jappa. When she reaches the breaking point of her grief, a very good friend suggests reconnecting with the Amazons. What she learns about herself will shape the future, and become a tale to be told for generations to follow. (Post FIN)