Name: Serena J. Bishop
Publisher: EOS Publishing
Reason you started writing: My wife encouraged me by making a bet of whoever wrote a novel that was optioned for a movie first won. It was an excellent way to motivate me, but I still haven’t won. 🎥🎞️
Next book to release & when: Leveled, Fall 2020
Why we should read it: The storyline is written from two perspectives, the protagonist’s and her sister’s. I haven’t encountered a romance novel that takes into account how exciting, entertaining, and frustrating it can be to watch someone you love go through the beginning stages of a relationship. Plus, the antagonist’s relationship system provides comic relief and breaks down relationships in a way I also haven’t read before. 
Genres that you've written: All of my novels thus far have a romance element, but the stories vary in sub-genre. Beards bordered on historical-fiction (if you’re under 25) and Dreams used a sci-fi/fantasy backdrop.
List of published books:

  • Beards

  • Dreams

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: A few people told me after reading Beards, they had never read a book about chosen family or the lengths the gay community had gone to (will go to) to be with the people they love. With Dreams, I’m proud that multiple readers have called out the unique storyline in reviews. There are thousands of romance novels out there so to write something that is still viewed as original I take as a huge compliment.

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Cats or Dogs: Cat-sized dogs 🐕 
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee (black, no sugar)
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Two machetes. I would like one for each hand to maximize efficiency.
K. Aten notes: I approve and will tailor my plan similarly
Hobbies: Cooking, watching bad movies and making fun of them with my friends, cocktail hour on the deck with my wife and dog. K. Aten notes: Serena has a chihuahua, so...cat-sized as mentioned above
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I’ve never written fanfic, but reading Willow-Tara fanfic really helped me come to terms with my sexuality. Aside from that pairing, I like the AU ship of Detective Olivia Benson and Agent Dana Scully, and some of the newer Birds of Prey ships, mainly Huntress and Black Canary. Oh, and WayHaught. Love me some WayHaught.

Website: www.serenajbishop.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serenaj.bishop.90
Twitter: @SerenaJBishop
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Dreams by Serena J. Bishop
      Aurora’s life is perfectly mundane. She has a job she hates, an ex that ran her out of her hometown, and the highlight of her week is Monday breakfast with her best friend. That changes when Aurora starts dreaming of a woman who can’t remember her own name. A woman who Aurora falls head over heels for. She knows the romance that develops between them isn’t real, but the dreams make life so much better that she hurries to bed every night…until she discovers that her dream woman isn’t imaginary. Her name is Leela and she is in a coma.
      Aurora must risk everything—her job, apartment, friends, and her sanity—to save Leela, a woman she’s only ever met in her mind. But in order to help, Aurora must convince Leela’s neurologist and parents that she and Leela have a bond that transcends the physical plane.
      Can Aurora fight through a progressively nightmarish landscape to wake Leela? And if Leela wakes, will she recognize Aurora as the one who saved her? As the one Leela said she loved? Their dream-relationship might not be real, but if there is any possibility of making her dreams come true, Aurora has to try.
      Dreams is a sweet lesfic romance about a love that defies the laws of physics.

© 2016 by K Aten

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