April 2021

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Name: Kate Gavin
Bella Books
Reason you started writing: Started writing for a queer studies class and we had to examine an aspect of the LGBTQ+ community using different mediums. I chose a novella and that eventually became my first book, Full of Promise.
Next book to release & when: Table for Two published on March 18, 2021
Why we should read it: You should read this to get a twist on the “only one bed” trope. In this case, there’s only one table. There’s a dash of a thawing ice queen with a sprinkle of enemies to lovers. Plus, add some great friendships and adorable (and sometimes embarrassing) banter between a mother and daughter.
K. Aten notes: Only one bed/only one table trope IS an excellent one that I've read in fanfic many times.
Genres that you've written: YA Romance, Contemporary Adult Romance.
List of published books:

  • Full of Promise

  • Table for Two

  • Save the Date - Bella Books romantic anthology coming in June, 2021

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I’m pretty proud of the relationships I create in my books, and not just romantic ones. I think I’ve built great relationships between an MC and a parent or an MC and a friend. 

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Cats or Dogs: Dogs. 🐕
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee, but since I’m trying to cut back I guess I should say water… 
K. Aten notes: You shouldn't have to cut back during a pandemic, just saying. 
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Shotgun or the weapon Charlize Theron wields in The Old Guard. K. Aten notes: The Old Guard *swoons* Charlize Theron with short dark hair, and black tank top, and wielding a big-ass ax? Oh yes! Great choice there and I'm here all day for a sequel!
Hobbies: Mountain biking, travel, chocolate, whiskey, Florida Gator sports. 🐊
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: Video games, puzzles, walks with my wife, crocheting. 
K. Aten notes: I'm starting to wonder about all these folks saying Supercorp. Are they trying to win me over, or is the ship as awesome and full of chemistry as I assume? Hmm... 🥰

Website: Amazon: Kate-Gavin
Facebook: kate.gavin.9889
Twitter: @kategavinbooks

Table for Two by Kate Gavin

    Trying to take a few brief moments away from a stressful situation, Reagan Murphy snags the last table at a bustling downtown lunch spot. When another woman walks into the crowded restaurant seeking a table, Reagan offers to share hers.
      Jillian Jacobs just wanted a quick bite before she’d have to focus on a new and unreasonable deadline. Irritated by her empty stomach and by the prospect of waiting, Jillian resentfully accepts a seat at a stranger’s table.
      Their shared lunch is filled with hostility, snide comments, and shades of derision from Jill and Reagan finds herself relieved at the end of the encounter.
      But then the two are thrown back together when Jill becomes a catering client of Reagan’s. Soon navigating a professional relationship becomes complicated as their attraction begins to smolder. Will it get in the way and cause even bigger problems? Or will this be the start of something they’ve both been looking for all along?

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© 2016 by K Aten

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