Name: Hope Milam

Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises which will become Flashpoint Publications after January 1, 2021
Reason you started writing: I am a big reader. I always have been, even as a child. I wanted to create my own characters and worlds people could get lost in from the time I was in 1st grade.
Next book to release & when: That is a good question.
K. Aten notes: Hope's most recently release is Welcome Home Bailey, which you can see the link for at the bottom. I have one that I’m shopping around (publisher undecided) and two that I’m currently working on. I have several that keep trying to butt in as well. K. Aten notes: Don't we all?
Why we should read it: Why shouldn’t you? Mystery, intrigue, romance, strong female leads. But I do recommend you read Two Shades before you dive into this one, you might get a little lost without knowing all the backstory.
Genres that you've written: Mystery, general lesbian fiction. Mostly all have a Southern slant to them.
List of published books/novellas:

  •  Mississippi Blues (self published)

  • All that Jazz (self published)

  • Breaking the Waves (self published)

  • Murders at the Lille Mansion (self published)

  • Welcome Home, Bailey (Regal Crest)

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I can see the growth in my style. 
HERE to see all of Hope's books on Amazon.US.

Cats or Dogs: Both, although I currently have two dogs. 🐈🐕
Coffee/Tea/Water: Sweet tea,  but coffee at Waffle House when I need to brainstorm. I’m a dedicated Coke drinker. 
K. Aten notes: Sweet tea is a HUGE nope for me!🤢🤮LOL
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: I’d have to go with a sword or at least a very big knife.
Hobbies: PlayStation, reading, planning trips that hopefully one day I’ll be able to take again.
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: Yes I do. Supercorp is what I'm reading now. 
🢀😍 K. Aten notes: #Supercorp! *swoons* Yet another woman after my own heart!

Website: www.hopemilam.com
Facebook: Hope Alexis Milam - Author
Twitter: @sleepybludragon

Welcome Home Bailey by Hope Milam

      Bailey Cooper is a guitarist in a metal/punk band. With the band on an extended break, the 43 year old has nothing but time on her hands and a bad case of writer’s block. A call for wedding help brings her home to Bayview, her hometown.
      While Bailey has mastered her inner demons, she’s never come to terms with a lot of things she keeps buried in Bayview. This trip home will force her to face her mother, her parentage, the results of her actions and Beth, her one true love.


© 2016 by K Aten

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