Award winning author and Michigan native, Kelly Aten brings heroines to life in a variety of blended LGBTQ fiction genres. She specializes in speculative fiction, focusing on extra-ordinary women who are as flawed as they are compelling. She's not afraid of pain or adversity, but loves a happy ending. Kelly's goal with each new novel is to make people #Think, #Feel, and #Discuss.

"Some words end the silence, others begin it."

2019 GCLS Goldie winner
Waking the Dreamer - Science Fiction/ Fantasy


2018-2019 Rainbow Award winner

Waking the Dreamer - Lesbian - Alternative Universe/Reality & Sci-Fi / Futuristic

2019 GCLS Goldie Finalist
The Fletcher - Debut

2020 Lesfic Bard Award winner

Burn It Down - Drama

2019 GCLS Goldie Finalist

Burn It Down - Romantic Blend

"And I want to say this: I believe in the power of good. I believe in the power of love. I believe in the power of hope. And I also believe that no matter what your source is for all three, it is precious and should be respected for the substance of its nature. While many things in this world reflect in shades of gray...there is a definite line between good and evil. Choose good."